Hanging Flower Baskets Banned to Save the Planet

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A local city council is considering banning hanging flower baskets to "preserve the planet." They say that watering the hundreds of hanging baskets around town is wasteful and the energy and water could be put to better use. It's a radical view for a country that loves its hanging flowers, but one that other municipalities should follow.

The town is also considering replacing its seasonal flower beds with shrubs that are lower maintenance. They want to get rid of traditional trees and put in foreign species which can better cope with the new hotter weather in England. Not only that, they are going to let sections of their parks revert to wild areas which will be less manicured and have little or no grass. This is already done in many of London's public parks.

hanging baskets banned photo

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Less grass means less lawnmowers and leaf blowers which is also good news. The council is also considering an "adopt a bed" scheme whereby residents take over the care of some beds and use grey water--old bath water--to keep them wet. Too bad they can't go a step further and put vegetables in the beds instead, as they are doing in Todmorden. The Evening Standard
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