Guerrilla gardener plots to take over the world with Alice Waters

urban garden
CC BY 2.0 Flickr -- LAGreenGrounds

Fashion designer and urban gardener Ron Finley has been grabbing attention for planting vegetables in L.A.'s sidewalk medians and dropping one-liners in his popular TED Talk. Next up, he's plotting world domination with Alice Waters. Although he didn't reveal the details of his takeover, he did tell Grist's Andrea Appleton that his next project involves cafe/garden units for use in food deserts:

"I’m doing what we’re calling right now the Ron Finley Project, which is the whole containment cafe concept that’s attached to a garden with a training facility. It’s a facility where we train kids how to think, not what to think. I want people trained in everything from aquaponics to woodworking to fashion to art. We want to basically put [these facilities] in what I consider food prisons, which is what a lot of us live in."

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