Guerilla Gardening. Literally.

Flower grenade photo

Image: Suck UK

Is it the militarization of gardening? Or the gardenization of weapons? Following in the tradition of putting flowers into gun barrels, Tony Minh Nguyen and SnowHome have taken inspiration from the concept of "guerilla gardening" to design these clay hand grenades full of seeds. Rye grass seeds take root in the first week, then buttercups and poppies pop up a bit later. If you do not have the desire to hunt down a dried river bed with red or brown clay or the time to make a seed bomb yourself, this ready to throw and grow solution may be just the thing to make your neighborhood blossom. The flower grenades come in a three-pack for £12.00, and can be delivered anywhere in the EU, although presumably only Londoners will find the concept local enough to satisfy the presumably high standards of a guerilla gardener. The price ranks as a bit steep relative to the materials needed to do a bit of planting the old-fashioned way...but better than blowing your bucks on the standard disposable consumer crap, especially for that hard to gift person.

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