Growing Spaces Grow Domes: Geodesic Greenhouses (Video)

Growing Spaces Greenhouse photo

Image credit: Geodesic Greenhouse Kits
Geodesic Greenhouse Growing at 6000ft
Given the importance of local food to us all, it's amazing we haven't seen more innovative designs for greenhouses and other season extension methods here on TreeHugger. Sure, I've posted on a recycled bottle greenhouse
, and we are not short of posts about high-tech vertical farming greenhouses. But there's always room for more. That's why I was excited to learn from Janaia and friends at Peak Moment TV about Growing Spaces Grow Domes - geodesic greenhouses that wouldn't look out of place in a Star Trek movie. Click below the fold to see a 51ft greenhouse in action, growing fresh veggies at 6000 ft in Colorado and featuring fish tanks, herb gardens and some beautiful flowers.The domes are certainly not the cheapest greenhouses you'll ever find - ranging from $4,570 for 12ft model kit through to nearly $40,000 for the largest model - but they would undoubtedly make a unique and fascinating addition to the garden. (For those not willing to fork out that kind of cash, you could always try to build your own geodesic greenhouse.)

Beyond looking cool, the Growing Spaces Grow Dome website lists the features of the kits as also including undersoil heating, North wall insulation, automatic vents, and a water tank that provides thermal mass to hold heat. Pretty neat stuff.

Check out the video below from Peak Moment TV to get a tour of one of the largest models at Buckhorn Gardens in Colorado.

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