Growing in the city —Leopoldo's City Vegetable Garden

Hey you treehugging urbanites out there, are you still wishing you could ‘green–up’ you lives a little, but struggling to find the space to develop your green fingers? We all know that living in the city, usually in ‘compact’ apartment blocks, affords us little opportunity to grow our own. The fresh herb plants fail to stay alive in the dark kitchen and somehow we just never get around to starting our own allotment. Well the Leopoldo City Vegetable Garden is designed to encourage people with limited space to create their own ‘home allotment’.It is kind of a modern version of a window box or hanging basket, but frankly a lot less twee and a lot more stylish. It comes in a flat pack, which is easy to assemble and the frame is made from aluminium which can be recycled at the end of its life. The design is minimal, sturdy and lightweight making it very easy to put on your little balcony or terrace and start growing your favourite greens. It even works inside too!
We like this mobile vegetable patch not only for its simple sustainable design, but for encouraging us busy city dwellers to take time to grow our own, and to eat healthily whilst creating a greener environment for ourselves. It is a well known fact that gardening is a very therapeutic activity, a way of slowing down and de-stressing whilst also being creative.
The City Vegetable Garden has won an ADI-FAD Award Medal for 'it’s easy and modern way of adapting to your house'. To see the it in action you can pop down to Vinçon, Barcelona’s top store for design goodies, where there is an exhibition called ’10 Artistic Visions of Urban Horticulture’. If you can’t make it to sunny Barcelona check out to find out more about creating your own ‘home allotment’.
[Leonora & Petz]