Growing Gifts From Eternitree


We enjoyed a witty post on Daily Candy earlier this week about deeds done that need forgiving. We were amused to see that the worst offence necessitated a peace offering in the form of a tree. "The time you lost your best friend's earrings, a heartfelt e-card did the trick. And when you crashed her car, you sent roses (and a check). But now that you've gone and given mouth-to-mouth to her crush, it's time for the big guns. Something along the lines of an entire tree from Eternitree." Obviously we think the gift of a tree is wonderful for any occasion, we're not sure you need to go to such drastic measures to give or receive one! You might even want to treat yourself to some shady foliage; see Alex's recent tips on how to keep cool this summer. In any case if you feel, for whatever reason, in a tree buying mood, rest assured it's a growing bond for Eternitree. They ship trees year round to any state in the US. via: Daily Candy. Thanks to Simran for the tip. ::Eternitree