Grow Fresh vegetables in the City

Here's a great solution to gardening in the city. The Horturba table gives you the chance not only to cultivate your own vegetables in your terrace, roof or concrete back yard, but also not to make a mess while doing it.It's made of galvanized steel and when filled with the organic substrate (or fertile earth), it weights only 100 kilograms (about 230 pounds), equivalent to the weight of two people, therefore it can
be easily placed on a balcony, roof or terrace. It also comes with a watering system that, by means of a special device that connects to your faucet, administrates water by drop by drop, but only what the plants need, so you won't have to worry about checking it all the time, and there won't be any excess overflowing.

Horturba occupies about 1 square meter and its height is 80 centimeters, comes by pieces and is easy to put together, according to its manufacturer, ::FundaciĆ³n Terra (site is in Spanish).

Check this: they calculate that in one season, you can get 10 kilograms of tomatoes, 25 of lettuce and 15 of cucumber. Get growing! [by Paula Alvarado] Ed Note: I imagine these could even go inside with a few precautions..