Green Eyes On: Healing and Air Purifying Plants

Sara's grandma.

According to a recent study, patients with plants in their room (and we mean plants, not just cut flowers because of the longevity of the plant) began to take interest in their plants, watering and pruning them, and moving them around for better light. At the same time, these same patients took less pain medication, had less pain and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improved heart rates, and felt more positive overall about their room environment. When asked, they said they said plants were their favorite element in their rooms, versus the patients without plants who voted for the TV.

Tomorrow morning when I head back to the hospital, instead of just giving water to the jasmine plant on my grandma’s window sill, I think I’ll take it to her bedside to see if she wants to smell it or prune it. Or maybe she’ll just want to admire the way its tendrils stretch up toward the sky. Who knows, that could be the magic pill the doctors have missed.

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