Got a Slug Problem? Dig a Moat. (Video)

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Image credit: Paul Wheaton

As my plan to transition my garden into extreme Lazivore mode for a couple of years takes shape, I am sure others are planning on ramping up production next year. And as part of those plans, many will be dealing with that most irksome of pest—the slug. Unless you are squeamish, you can always look at training chickens to eat slugs. But there are other options available.

Contrary to popular cliche, sometimes the best defense is simply a good defense. Why not gig a moat?

What's so neat about this idea, of course, is that this is not just a slug protection moat. It's also a pond that provides water catchment, and an important habitat for increased biodiversity. Of course the mosquitoes are not exactly welcome, Norris Thomlinson and Tulsey Latoski explain that the blood suckers usually become less of an issue as the ecology of a pond becomes more balanced.

If plans to stock part of the pond with ducks takes shape, then there will, of course, be added slug protection as many species of duck can be vicious slug killers too.

Given the many good reasons why every garden should have a pond, this is a well thought out addition to an urban garden.

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