Gorgeous DIY Living Walls: Woolly Pocket Garden Company (Video)

Woolly Pocket living wall photo

Image credit: LXTV

Remember Woolly Pocket Garden Company's recycled planters for DIY living walls? Using 100% recycled plastic bottles, the company provides a cheap and durable way to plant plants in almost any vertical or horizontal space. Used right, the result is an affordable, do-it-yourself version of the living walls so popular in modern architecture. (See also ELT's living wall kits.) Now LXTV has created a short piece showing how Woolly Pockets work. The inventor also explains,, much to his own surprise, why plants grow better in these containers.The segment from LXTV is entitled Living Art and features an interview with Miguel Nelson, co-owner, founder and inventor of Woolly Pockets. Miguel reveals how the idea was formed, shows us how easy it is to install these units, and talks a little about why plants perform so well in Woolly Pockets. It turns out that the porous nature of the pockets means that plant roots are aerated much better than plastic pots, which leads to healthier growth and a better uptake of nutrients.

It's all pretty neat stuff, and it just goes to show how a neat idea can go a long way.

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