Garden On Wheels Offers Easy, Flexible Gardening for Seniors and Urbanites

Garden on Wheels photoGrowing Your Greens/Video screen capture

From self-assembled windowfarms through vertical pallet gardens to DIY self watering containers, we've seen plenty of gardening options for those with limited space and/or who may not have the physical strength for full scale earth-based gardening.

This latest video from John of Growing Your Greens features Justin (last name not given), the winner of the City of Santa Barbara College's Enterprise Launch competition with his Garden On Wheels creation.

Basically consisting of a waist-high raised bed, a drainage system and a wheelbarrow-like mechanism for moving it about, the Garden on Wheels is another one of those inventions that is not exactly rocket science - but it is a neat solution to a number of fairly basic problems faced by urban gardeners, seniors or people with physical disabilities. By virtue of its height, it becomes super easy to work for those with back problems. And by being maneuverable, it can be conveniently moved aside if balcony space or other outdoor areas are needed for other purposes. For the really dedicated, it can even be wheeled around to maximize the amount of sunlight it gets.

As Justin points out, the drainage system is also useful as it allows you to recycle all water and nutrients that drain through to the bucket below. All-in-all, a pretty cool set up. No website up yet, but folks in the Bay Area can contact Justin via cell phone on (707) 888 0436.

Garden On Wheels Offers Easy, Flexible Gardening for Seniors and Urbanites
A basic, wheelbarrow-like raised bed garden is a neat solution for those with no space or little strength.

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