Garden Art


Kazuhito Takadoi considers himself a gardener and an artist. From the vegetation grown in his small garden he creates pictures using leaves, twigs and grasses. He sews the grasses when partially dry through handmade japanese paper. The plants are still alive whilst he is working with them and they change colours as they dry in the frame. He is fascinated by shadows and decay. Being a minimalist, he never uses flowers which he finds too sentimental. The composition of his works show this; with titles such as stones, moss, bud and drops. The work is very clean and spare with a contemporary and japanese aesthetic.

He finds all of the materials in his back garden as well as in an allotment garden which he has taken on. There is a wonderful video accompanying the exhibition which shows the artist working there. He carefully separates out the grasses when he is ready to use them. He takes out the dead leaves and then puts them into piles according to their colours and shades. The artist studied horticulture first, worked as a gardener and then went to art school. :: The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

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