Four Plants That are Butterfly Magnets in the Garden

Even a small garden can make big impact in supporting biodiversity. My own urban garden is small by most standards, but I manage to attract a lot of insects and wildlife into it by planting inexpensive plants and flowers. These four plant recommendations are a sure fire way to attract butterflies into your garden.

In the summer my purple coneflowers attract a variety of butterflies. The butterflies in the photo above were photographed in my garden visiting the coneflowers. On the left is a Black Swallowtail, top-right is a Monarch butterfly, and below that is a Red Admiral butterfly.

Red Admiral Butterflies in my Garden

Here’s a short video of some Red Admiral butterflies in my garden a couple of years ago. Of all the butterflies I've encountered the Red Admiral is one of the most people-friendly. They don't fly off when you get too close and will even land on people.

More Plants Recommendations for Butterfly Gardening

In this video by the University of Illinois Extension they recommend planting plants such as zinnia, Brazilian verbena and milkweed to attract butterflies into your own garden. All three are easy to source at a garden center and are relatively inexpensive. Of the three plants recommended zinnias are the easiest to start from seed and can make a big, colorful impact in your garden.

What are the butterfly magnets in your garden?

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Four Plants That are Butterfly Magnets in the Garden
Want butterflies in your garden this year? Plant these four butterfly magnets in your garden this year.

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