Extreme Container Gardening - Prinzessinengartens in Berlin (Video)


Image credit: Anstiftung und Ertomis

Emma has already shown us some beautiful edible container gardens, courtesy of our readers; we've seen a gorgeous urban orchard complete with a repurposed dumpster/ping pong table, not to mention an under-used train station turned into a community gardening hub. But the Prinzessinengarten in the Berlin borough of Kreuzberg might just be one of the most creative examples of using reclaimed and salvaged materials to build an urban oasis.
Sadly there are no subtitles available, but even for non-German speakers the video below is worth viewing if for no other reason than the beautiful videography of neighbors hanging out, breaking bread, and getting to know one-and-other away from the noise and stress of the city.

The garden was founded by Robert Shaw and Marco Clausen on 600 square meters of innercity wasteland. The garden is growing a diverse range of veggies in milk crates, rice sacks, and plastic bottles—and has attracted neighbors from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds.

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