Evil Lurks in the Garden Allotments

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Image from baltimore magazine.net

Time to call in Sherlock Holmes. Police in Torquay, U.K. are on the hunt for a serial plant attacker. In the run-up to the Torquay Allotments Association annual show an award winning pumpkin was gouged using a pair of secateurs (a gardener's prized weapon). A few weeks earlier some one had sprayed weedkiller on 100 prized dahlias. A bunch of carrots were stolen and others had holes stabbed through their hearts.

Where to start to solve the crime? There are many possible suspects: more than 80 people have allotments there. As one of the victims said: ""Everyone looks at everyone else with suspicion now. I just don't know who could have done it, but I am sure it was an inside job."

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Image from the Times
There is talk of setting up a "vegilante" patrol to keep the rest of the crops safe. These are not the random acts of vandals, but rather someone who knew exactly who to target.

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The evidence: Image from the Telegraph

But there is justice. Maybe green-collar crime doesn't pay: the judges at the annual show sympathized with the victims and awarded one man second prize for his carrots and a first for the pumpkin, despite the injuries. The dahlia grower won 5 prizes, using dahlias which had survived the killer attack.

Garden thefts are becoming a huge problem. Police have been warning gardeners to lock up their sheds and garages at night to prevent tools from being stolen. Valuable and exotic plants have been lifted from front gardens by night.

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Image from tesora.com

And now gnomes are being targeted. In Scotland 30 garden gnomes were kidnapped by thieves. The gnomes were stolen and then placed in the front of 3 houses. They have now been rescued by police in a mid-night raid and the police are now searching for their rightful owners.

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