Even Beauty Queens Dig Beekeeping (Video)

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Image credit: Angelicamy9

I've written before about my own experiences as a failed beekeeper, but beekeeping seems to be on the up among all walks of life—not just beardy expat English TreeHuggers. Earlier today, while I was posting a video of a lawyer in a fancy Manhattan apartment learning how to keep bees, I also came across a video of a British beauty queen showing off her talents—as a beekeeper.

The video above isn't likely to show anything too new for folks familiar with beekeeping, but it is cool to see the word being spread about the joys of beekeeping—even in the world of beauty pageants (not something I know too much about). And it might not have quite the glamor (of Amy Spinks', aka Miss Norwich's, other videos—like bikini skiing for charity, for example—but we do get to see a hive inspection, and learn how many beekeepers mark and identify the queen for easy inspection. (Checking on the health of the queen is one of the primary reasons for inspecting the hive.)

We'd love to hear of any other beekeepers busting out of the usual stereotypes. After all, even children are getting into beekeeping these days.

Check out Discovery News' Bees on the Brink webpage for more stories on the plight of the honeybees and what we can do to help them.

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