Europe's Largest and Newest Green Living Wall is in London

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Photo: B. Alter

It's been called Europe's largest and newest green wall. Installed in a newly renovated hotel in January makes it new and as for large, it stretches from the second to eleventh floor on the outside of the building.

Looking up from the reception area in the hotel, through the glass, it is a lovely and healthy looking green wall.

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Created by a green wall specialist, a total of 180,000 evergreen plants have been inserted into real soil. Forty different species have been selected based on the orientation. Thrifts and red Campion has been used for the south facing element of the wall while shade loving plants including ferns have been used on the north side. Plants include Liriope Muscari, Vinca Minor, Heuchera and bulbs such as snowdrops for seasonal colour.

frosts wall photo

Photo: frosts landscape

The wall is made up of 4,100 planting modules which each contain 45 planted cells which are 70mm deep. The plants were grown off-site for 6 months before the modules were fixed to the building. An automatic irrigation system is built into the wall and supplies a combination of water and liquid fertiliser to keep the plants healthy. Apparently, "if anything goes wrong with the irrigation system a text message is automatically sent to the landscape company so they can take corrective action before any damage is done."

There is also a green roof at the top of the hotel which is a combination of Sedum and Wildflower plugs. The specialists have donated a number of Bee Walls that will be situated on the roof.

Although it is not as exciting or innovative as some, it is a welcome addition to the growing numbers of green walls in the country.

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