Eternal Reefs - Leaving a Legacy


If you are a land lubber, then having your earthly remains metamorphose into a tree might sound like a great way to commemorate your passing. Check out Promessa Organic. But maybe your passion has been more with the Life Aquatic and a watery grave seems more appropriate. So how about becoming a reef? Eternal Reefs can take your ashes and mix them with special concrete formula to mould 'reef balls', which are then placed in the ocean to provide a marine habitat compensating for the many we are destroying. Your loved ones can do the mixing, if so desired, and they can observe your remains being deep sixed and be given a GPS reference, with the longitude and latitude of your living marine memorial. The company say that the reef balls should endure for 500 years, so they not only honour your life but "provide a nurturing environment for fish and other forms of sea life that are critical to the environment." Thanks to Amanda L for the tip she sent us, ages ago. ::Eternal Reef