Ellen Page Speaks Out on the Vanishing of the Bees (Video)

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We're excited here at TreeHugger about our live chat today with leading bee expert and entomologist Professor May Berenbaum today at 2.30 est. But (luckily!) we're not the only ones stepping up to talk about the plight of the honeybees. Actress Ellen Page has been instrumental in her role as narrator of the Vanishing of the Bees documentary. Now she's taken some time to talk with Bill Maher about why this all matters so much. Unfortunately, an embed of the video does not appear to be available at this time. But it's well worth heading over to CrooksAndLiars.com for the full interview with Ellen Page about the Vanishing of the Bees. Page is clearly more than a celebrity talking head on this one—covering everything from the systemic use of pesticides, to the idea of Colony Collapse Disorder as a symptom of much broader dysfunction in our food systems. We also get to hear about Page's experiences learning permaculture design, and why this issue matters so much to her.

As Page says, Colony Collapse Disorder is a complex issue and we are far from understanding the full implications or causes. Nevertheless, the more we can do to raise awareness and push for action, the more chance we have of putting things right. As Page so wisely notes, humans may indeed be able to come up with clever ways to pololinate our food crops once the bees are gone—but it sounds like an awful lot of work. Bees have been doing this for hundreds of thousands of years. The least we can do is offer them a helping hand.

We look forward to discussing this and other bee and bug related issues in our live chat with Professor Berenbaum at 2.30 est this afternoon. In the meantime, below is a video trailer for the Vanishing of the Bees.

Vanishing of the Bees - Trailer from Bee The Change on Vimeo.

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