Eco-Turf From Wildflower Farm


It looks like grass to me, but it isn't. It will be gracing the Solar Decathalon Competition as the green landscaping of choice. It is Eco-Lawn, a "specially designed blend of seven fine fescue grasses, grows to form a dense turf on loam, well drained clay and even in infertile, dry soils! Eco-Lawn thrives in full sun, part shade and even in deep shade conditions." It best installed in August and September- " nature has programmed fewer weeds to germinate in fall, so your new Eco-Lawn will establish more rapidly, with less weed competition." It needs no watering, no mowing and no fertilizer. Sounds like astroturf but it's real.

It was developed by Paul Jenkins and Miriam Goldberger, who also have a demonstration garden consisting of thousands of mature native wildflowers and native grasses.

Lazy green gardeners can find out more at ::Eco-Lawn

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