Cute Biodegradable Flowerpot has More to it Than Just Looks

Biodegradable Flower Pot Photo

Photo: Courtesy of Diseño Sustentable.

This biodegradable flower pot is the cutest thing, we know. But it also has a good story and design idea behind it, having been designed for a flower producers community in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Take a closer look inside.The plant container was conceived as a way for producers from a famous local flower community in Buenos Aires, Escobar, to commercialize their species in an environmentally conscious manner.

Escobar has an annual flower fair, in which thousands of people from around Argentina come to the city to take a look and buy rare species. In order to make this event more environmentally responsible, the city carried away a program called Sustainable Escobar, for which this pot was one of the initiatives presented.

Biodegradable Flower Pot Photo

A closer look without the plant.

The pot is produced with recycled paper pulp from newspapers, telephone books and other types of paper, that the same producers helped collect.

Apart from having a great simple and utility-focused design, it comes with incorporated fertilizer, so the only thing a person has to do is place the pot in the ground and put some water in.

Biodegradable Flower Pot Photo

The pot opened with the fertilizer containers.

It was developed by Argentine designer Walter Reiner, and it caught our eye at the last edition of Diseño Sustentable festival and before that at Innovar, where we also ran into the Green Houses for shanty towns project and the amazing Pando human powered vehicle.

For more on the flower pot contact the designer at walterreiner at yahoo dot com dot ar.

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