Cornell Mini-Grants Available for Bird Projects, Events

LEGO birds, bird tree houses, upcycled birdhouses are all examples of the positive PR birds have been getting this year.

Perhaps one of these projects has inspired a love for our feathered friends, and you have an idea to raise awareness about urban birds, but don’t have the funds to follow through.

“Celebrate Urban Birds” is a year-round citizen science project from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Participants watch birds in their neighborhoods and report their findings, helping scientist better understand how birds survive in cities.

As part of the project, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology makes min-grants available for neighborhood events that promote an appreciation for birds and nature. Museums, schools, libraries, community centers, businesses and community gardens can use the funds to create a bird-activity day. These mini-grants average from $200-$500.

All mini-grant applications are offered materials and training even if the proposal is not funded. The deadline to apply is December 15, 2012.

Dust off your binoculars and have a bird watching day, plant a bird friendly garden, or create birdhouses our discarded materials in your neighborhood.

Cornell Mini-Grants Available for Bird Projects, Events
Want to help educate people about urban birds? Cornell Lab of Ornithology has $200-$500 grants available.

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