Composting "Shuttle" Service Seeks Crowd-Sourced Funding (Video)

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Composting indoors is possible, but it is not always practical. And while some people without land have had success with a DIY worm bin, there are plenty of people who no doubt wish that they had municipal composting or even bike-powered compost collection in their area.

In my region, a group of compost activists are aiming to change that—creating a composting "shuttle" service that picks up household food scraps, replaces them with a clean empty bin, and even delivers finished compost right to your door. But they need your help to do it.

CompostNow Campaign from andrewvanover on Vimeo.

Signing up for the Compost Now Residential Composting Program, which serves the Triangle area of North Carolina, costs a $25 flat fee, regardless of how much waste is produced or how many bins you need to keep on hand. Collection will take place once a week, and members will be entitled to receive the end result of their contributions:

As a compost now member, you are entitled to receive the final results of your composting efforts. Here's the deal, on average composting yields about %50 of the original weight of waste. In other words, if I've collected 100 lbs of waste from you, you are entitled to have up to 50 lbs of nutrient-rich soil delivered right to your doorstep. If you don't have a need for the compost product, just let us know and we'll donate your share to local urban farming projects.

Already operating in and around Raleigh, the Compost Now program is looking to expand. And they have issued an appeal for fresh members and financial supporters via fundraising website Rippple.

Sign up if you'd like to see them grow.

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