Compostalooza! A Crowdsourced Composter Competition

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Quirky is one of those wonderful ideas that could only exist in this internet age. Inventors and designers with an idea used to struggle in their basements, get taken by agents and marketers and most of their ideas never saw the light of day. I've been there. Quirky provides a platform for ideas to be presented, and if "influencers" are influential enough, they actually get put into production. One we have shown was the, um, quirky petaldrops.

Sometimes Quirky calls for proposals; next week, designers are being challenged to design something to do with composting.


Their mission: "to create the ULTIMATE compost-related product." It will be marketed by Uncommon Goods, in support of the Lower East Side Ecology Center. On their blog they point to a pile of links on composting, but neglect to include a single link to the vast TreeHugger library on the subject.

Compost: How to Make It, Bins, Piles and More

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Build Your Own Compost Tumbler

The video above comes to us via YouTube user Bongosmania, and gives detailed instructions on building an inexpensive compost tumbler which, according to the creator, can produce rich compost in 14-21 days!

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Getting Ready for Earth Day: Compost Your Organic Waste

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When it comes to strategies that help your garden grow, adding compost is a great way to mulch and add nutrients without using industrial fertilizers (not to mention a good use of food leftovers and other organic waste). Here are some tips and products that can help you compost and help the planet for Earth Day.

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Readers' Composting and Vermicomposting Systems (Slideshow)

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If worms make you queasy steer clear -- readers sent in photos of their composting and vermicomposting systems, from countertop compost holders -- ice buckets -- found at thrift stores; the NatureMill composter for urban dwellers, to giant buckets filled with garbage eating worms and food scraps, and tales of gardens growing bountiful and dogs mourning the loss of food remnants, fed to the compost instead. View our juicy composting slideshow -- all Readers' Photos here.

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Home Composting Made Easy

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Given the numerous benefits composting proffers it's a shame most us can't/don't choose to start producing our own compost at home or in the backyard. For people looking to both dispose of their food waste and enrich their soil for gardening purposes, there's no better solution.

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