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If you are looking for a composter but haven’t quite found the right one yet, here’s where you can start digging. The Spanish Compostadores are the first and so far only company that specialises in domestic composting in Europe. Their site offers you a big selection of gardening products such as over 20 composters (from square to pear shape, most of them from recycled+recyclable plastic, ranging between €70-€1280), solar lights and other gardening tools like our much loved Leopoldo City Garden . In order to find the right composter for you, all you need to do is fill out the questionnaire on their web site. If you live in a city and don’t have a garden, the Can-O-Worms is the only option as it doesn't have an open base. In case you need help with your worms later, Compostadores suggest sending them a photo of your compost in order to help you out. Apart from this reliable service and the gardening products they also offer courses on how to compost and do conferences. All this awarded them with many prizes since they created the company in Castelldefels near Barcelona in 2002. They say the idea was ‘born from the conviction that little actions in daily life have a huge impact on a global scale’. ::Compostadores (Castellano & Catalan only so far)
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