Compost Warming Party - A Fertile Way to Celebrate

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Compost with a Little Help from our Friends
It seems my composting obsession is far from going away. Having moved my compost when moving house, and then composted my move, my wife and I still find ourselves short on compost for our planned veggie garden. So we hatched a perfect plan to acquire masses of good organic matter, and have fun while doing it. We morphed our house warming party into a compost warming, and boy was it fun. Invites were issued and the word was spread that we needed rotting matter, and lots of it. And we were not disappointed.
Encouraged by promises of a keg, a band, and prizes for the most useful, the most unusual, and the largest quantity of materials, friends turned up to help us out on our mission. And with the help of a few hay bales, and large quantities of beer and ‘spiked’ cider, our guest’s were also able to leave liquid donations for the heap. Party conversation ranged from the usual sport, politics, what-do-you-do chit chat, to in-depth discussions about fungi and microorganisms, and the beneficial composting properties of comfrey.

Congratulations to our prize winners – Stephen and Rebekah Hren, authors of the Zero Carbon Home, who won the prize for quantity; Laura Butler, whose ‘most useful’ donation of human hair should, in theory, keep deer away; and Tami Schwerin of the Abundance Foundation, and Lyle Estill of Piedmont Biofuels, whose contribution of composted human poop on a silver platter, complete with garnish, won the prize for originality/unusualness hands down.

And for once we woke up after a party with not just a hangover, but a steaming pile of other people's waste in our yard. And we were happy about it. Thank you to all our friends, acquaintances and fascinating gatecrashers who made it happen. And thanks to the fantastic Sweet By and By for providing the soundtrack.

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