Compost Shuttle Pioneer Hauls Trash on His Back Seat

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When I posted about a compost shuttle start-up that was seeking funding to expand, there was some speculation as to the carbon footprint of services like this. Of course the least impact would be to build a DIY worm bin or similar backyard solution but, when backyard solutions are not possible, do small-scale collection efforts make sense? An article in the Raleigh News & Observer on how CompostNow's founder hauls trash on his backseat doesn't answer that question. But it does illustrate that when municipal solutions aren't forthcoming, DIYers often step in. And it does raise the prospect that from small beginnings can come bigger, and more efficient, mainstream services:

For now, Rostetter cruises Raleigh and Cary once a week. CompostNow stickers plaster the back windows; his back seat is stuffed with ripe, 30-gallon plastic bins. He keeps all the windows open, but by noon, it gets pretty smelly. Says Rostetter: "You've got to pay your dues."

Rostetter is really looking forward to that truck, with a window separating him from the rotting banana peels. Until then, you can find him making his rounds, armed with organic cleaning spray, paper towels and a strong stomach.

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