Cleanut: A Detergent Made With Soapnuts


Almawin Cleanut is a new laundry detergent from Germany whose main ingredient is soapnut extract. When I first heard about this product, I was immediately intrigued because soapnuts are a great natural detergent. They are one of the few botanicals that contain saponin. The seeds come from trees (Sapindus mukorossi) grown throughout India and Nepal. Before this detergent was released, soapnuts were only available in their raw form, and they were fairly expensive.Cleanut detergent comes in liquid form and also contains other ingredients like certified natural surfactants and organic soaps. It available from Amazon. The cost is $18.98 for for 2 bottles of 25 fluid ounces (about 38 cents per load).

AlmaWin Cleanut exceeds the Belgian Ecogarantie standards, which means the product is produced in a highly sustainable manner.

However, if you purchasing this product from Amazon in the U.S., there is the unfortunate issue of the energy involved in importing the product from Germany, and then shipping it to your home (mine order arrived via DHL — not optimal).

Complete Ingredients: Soap nut extract, natural (saccharodial) surfactants based on corn, potatoes and sugarcane, pure vegetable soap from controlled organic cultivation, fatty alcohol sulphates of coconut oil, ethanol, wheat proteins, citric acid, eucalyptus and verbena oil from controlled organic cultivation, sodium salt of succinic acid, benzyl alcohol, water.

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:: Almawin Cleanut via Sustainable Is Good

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