CAT's Garden Guru Launches Podcast


A few weeks ago we reported on a new book by Alan Shepherd, the gardening guru at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales. Now we hear that Mr Shepherd is launching the Dyfi Valley Podcast. Aimed primarily at gardeners wanting to practice a more environmentally friendly form of gardening, the podcast will apparently be filled with useful hints and tips on how to garden and live sustainably. Each show will take on a different topic, and will be made up of interviews with experts from CAT and the surrounding Dyfi Valley, which has become famous for environmental stewardship. Sophie Holdstock, Alan's colleague at CAT, explained the thinking behind the project:

"It's an informative well put together podcast made on a low budget. All we've got is an ipod and a microphone. But there's so much going on in the Dyfi Valley we just wanted to get out there and record it all. We wanted to show how important it is to build strong low carbon communities wherever you live."

The podcast can be downloaded from Alan Shepherd's homepage here. :: Alan Shepherd :: Centre for Alternative Technology ::