Building a DIY Compost Tumbler from Reclaimed Materials (Video)

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Image credit: BryanMaltais

From this DIY compost tumbler to The Garden Rock Star's "how to" instructional on building a compost tumbler, there seems to be a strong appetite out there for videos about building these compost-speeding devices. This latest video is a well made, step-by-step guide on building your own—and it is done using entirely repurposed materials. It's just a shame the music is so annoying...
A Recycled DIY Compost Tumbler
Using an old barrel, some junk yard supplies, and lumber that was found on his property, Bryan Maltais builds what looks to be a very effective compost tumbler system. For those unfamiliar with these things, they are said to provide an easy, relatively low labor way of turning compost and aerating it, thus speeding up composition greatly. (Some folks state that compost can be made in a matter of weeks, though I have yet to substantiate this claim.)

How to Use a Compost Tumbler
The cool thing about this video is that it doesn't just end with how to build the thing. Bryan also walks us through siting, tumbling, and making sure you have the correct ratio of carbon to nitrogen in your composting mix. Check out this slideshow of composting methods for more on compost tumblers, and other ways to make things rot.

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