Seed Broadcast Station is Traveling the Country Recording Seed Saver Stories

The Seed Broadcast Station is a converted bread truck that is traveling across the country this summer collecting stories about seed networks and seed savers in urban and rural agricultural systems. The project was conceived by Jeanette Hart-Mann and Chrissie Orr of the Fodder Project Collaborative Research Farm in New Mexico.

Last week the Seed Broadcast Mobile Seed Station stopped in Chicago to collect seed stories and talk with local gardeners and people in Chicago’s urban agriculture movement. I met up with Jeannette Hart-Mann (right) and Nina Dubois to get a tour of the mobile seed truck when they stopped at the Jane Adams Hull House Museum on the UIC campus to broadcast seed stories they had collected so far and record new ones.

From a distance the Seed Broadcast Station looks like a food truck or one of the many ice cream trucks that prowl my neighborhood. Upon closer inspection, you see that the tuck is decorated with pictures of heirloom seeds, and the speakers are broadcasting a story about seeds.

While the truck didn’t hold a collection of seeds, it is a seed library in that it holds the history of the seeds and seed savers it has met along the way. Inside the truck is a digital media library that visitors can use to collect information on seeds and seed saving networks along with listening to the previously recorded stories.

Jeanette informed me that many of the people in their community are not connected to the Internet and this experience lead to the idea for the bulletin board and copier inside the truck. Along one wall there are many pamphlets, articles and blog posts about seed saving and information on creating seed libraries and seed networks that visitors are free to copy and take home with them.

Listen to a Seed Broadcast

The Seed Broadcast Station was headed to the East Coast after leaving Chicago. You can visit the Seed Broadcast blog to listen to more recoded seed stories and check out the schedule if you’d like to visit and share a seed story of your own.

After its tour this summer the Seed Broadcasting Station will return to New Mexico where it will serve as a mobile seed library and continue to share the stories of seed savers it met along the way.

Seed Broadcast Station is Traveling the Country Recording Seed Saver Stories
This mobile radio station -- formally a bread truck -- is traveling the country sharing stories of seed savers.

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