Brazilian Natucid Organic Insecticide

We know it isn't very treehugger to be talking about killing animals, but we have to admit that plagues are not so friendly, specially when kids are around or when the wood in your house starts to thin because of termites. For this purpose, Brazilian industry has come up with Natucid, an organic insecticide that gets its faculties from the natural powers of a plant called Indian Azadirachta. This tree's extracts cause the insects lack of appetite and diminishes their reproductive capacity, so that they don't continue to spread. It's mostly indicated for ants and termites, but the manufacturers say that it works with most colony living insects. It comes in 30, 100 and 500ml presentations -the 30ml spray is special for apartments-. The product is absolutely non toxic, nor poisonous or contaminant, and can be purchased through its website (the English version has some broken links, but there's a contact form in the buy section). ::Natucid.