DIY Birdbaths, Hanging Lamps, and More With Handmade Garden Projects (Book Review)

Summertime, and the garden is looking good. But there are just a few more little touches that would make it perfect... This DIY guide, Handmade Garden Projects, is a collection of simple and inspiring projects that take your garden--be it balcony, small or large--to the next level and reflect your personality and taste.

The writer defines herself as

a handmade gardening gal--part eco-friendly, non-traditionalist, part crafty creative with more ideas than money
Perfect: where do we start...
These birdbaths, made from vintage chandeliers look magical hanging from tree branches. The glass is easy to keep clean, which is important for a healthy birdbath, and they would look so lovely swaying in the branches.

Lights in the garden in the evening are so atmospheric. This vintage chandelier is made out of old fashioned heavy duty wire. Glass jelly jars are used for holding the candles. Vintage crystals and glass drops can be found, or bought new, to adorn the light. More than one would look fabulous. By day, or for a party, the jars could be filled with cut flowers.

Continuing with uses for those empty jars; these simple lanterns are made by filling them with LED touch lights, powered by batteries. More uses later on: Hallowe'en or Christmas decoration.

The vinyl flowers are made of ... vinyl records and are really just for fun. Take some of your old LPs or 45s, heat them, mould them and add beading for the decorative centre and stamens.

For anyone comfortable working with simple tools and construction materials, the books seems easy to follow. The instructions are pretty straight forward and there are interesting suggestions for variations on most projects. With ideas for simple water fountains, a pergola made out of plumbing pipes, a mini orchard in a big metal trough, outdoor terrariums made out of glass containers, you can be busy every evening this summer.

Don't forget to sit back and enjoy the stars too.

This adorable tool box, filled with small succulents, is from another interesting book, Garden Eco-Chic. It is for the more advanced DIY'er. It is all about reusing found objects to create decks, paths, containers, lanterns and more.

DIY Birdbaths, Hanging Lamps, and More With <em>Handmade Garden Projects</em> (Book Review)
For the big, small or balcony garden, you can make easy and creative projects.

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