Bloomin' Flower Cards


Not exactly an unique idea, but Bloomin' Flower Cards have been into it for over a decade, so they're no johnny-come-lately. What idea? Whoops, sorry, forgot. Imbedding seeds into greeting cards, so that you can plant them in the garden, where they'll germinate, sprout, and blossom into purty flowers. Bloomin' use "100% post-consumer paper, soy-based inks, and organic pigments" And they've got the experience in setting the presses and drying to optimum levels to give those seeds their best chance of bursting forth. "When planted, each handmade seed paper sheet acts like mulch to retain moisture for the seeds." Plus the variety of seeds used should ensure successful plantings across the US. If the triple bottom line can be said to ensure that consideration is given not only to profit, but also planet and people, then Bloomin' have this third base covered too. They employ "differently-abled" individuals from their local region, having in the past earned "Employer of the Year" award from The Association of Community Living. ::Bloomin' Flower Cards. Thanks to Tipster Johanna S. (She also liked kenaf fibre paper from Vision, who we'd mention back here.)