Biosignal: A Biomimetic Defense Against Bacteria


An Australian company has developed a technology which is based on observations of the seaweed Delicia Pulchra. Professors Staffan Kjelleberg and Peter Steinberg noticed that the seaweed was rarely covered in biofilms (bacterial colonies). They established that the seaweed uses natural chemicals, furanones, to keep it free of biofilms. The furanones jam cell-to-cell signaling systems that are pivotal to the ability of bacteria to form and maintain biofilms. The researchers founded a company, Biosignal, which is now developing products that disrupts "biofilms" without killing bacterial.

Biosignal is applying the technology to antibacterial paints, as well as other applications from contact lenses to cosmetics.

You can read more about Biosignal in this Science Daily article.

:: Via E Magazine