The Best Plants for Problem Gardens

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Very few (envied) gardeners can claim to have a yard that is problem-free. Whether you're dealing with a sloping garden, hot/dry conditions, or trying to figure out what to plant on your boulevard lawn, gardening requires its fair share of creative problem-solving.

The University of Minnesota Extension has released a free ebook to celebrate its 30th anniversary: The Best Plants for 30 Tough Sites, which is a compilation of recommendations from the Minnesota Master Gardeners. It covers a wide variety of tricky gardening situations, including:

  • Alkaline Soil

  • Boulevard Gardens

  • Clay Soil

  • Compacted Sites

  • Deer-Resistant Plants

  • Dry Soil

  • Shade

  • Slopes

Obviously, most of the information in the book will be useful specifically to Northern gardeners. Southern gardeners may want to look for a copy of Felder Rushing's Tough Plants for Southern Gardens.

You can download the University of Minnesota Extension book as a PDF here.

Hat tip: Thanks to @urbangarden for tweeting this link!

The Best Plants for Problem Gardens
A free ebook from the University of Minnesota offers plant recommendations for those gardeners with challenging sites.

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