Behind the Scenes Look at Industrial-Scale Composting (Video)

large scale grease composting photo

Image credit: Videoprod

From bicycle-based compost collection to city-wide mandatory composting, TreeHugger is a big fan of taking waste organic matter and putting it to good use. But what happens once your kitchen scraps and other organic waste are collected from your doorstep? I've just come across a behind-the-scenes peak at a large-scale industrial composting facility. It's impressive stuff.Filmed at Stanley Environmental's Earth Farm composting facility in North Carolina, the video shows how waste grease from restaurants and other grease traps can be recycled into fertile, nutrient-rich compost by mixing it with some mulch, spreading it out in a long pile, and then turning it regularly to allow friendly bacteria to do their thing. It's really just a large-scale version of what many of us do in our backyards—but boy does that mixing vehicle look like fun to drive!

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