Beekeepers at River Cottage Show How to Split a Hive (Video)

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Last week's post on beekeeping alternatives and top-bar hives drew a lot of attention, as did this video introduction to beekeeping. So I am guessing the fact that celebrity eco-chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is exploring beekeeping will also be of some interest to our bee-friendly readers. Fearnley Whittingstall, who has recently been busy campaigning against unsustainable fishing, has long been nurturing bees as part of his River Cottage enterprise. In fact, he's brought in a resident beekeeping apprentice, alongside an experienced mentor, and filmed the results.

Now would-be beekeepers are invited to learn from their lessons, attending a one day introductory course in beekeeping with experienced bee expert David Wiscombe. Check out the video below for footage of Wiscombe, who has been keeping bees for over 50 years, mentoring the River Cottage bee apprentice on how to split a hive, and how to move hive locations.

In case readers are wondering why they cart the bees around so much,because of bees' honing instinct, if you want to move a hive more than a few feet, you first have to switch locations by a number of miles before returning them to the original site.

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