Bacsac Portable Gardens: Who Says You Can't Take It With You?

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Living a more mobile style of life has its drawbacks, including the inability to maintain a garden. Enter designer Godefroy de Virieu and landscapers Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu, who "looked for an alternative solution to get round the constraints of the creation of a roof garden in town: difficulties of transportation, excessive weight, but also lack of choice of containers, most of which are often very expensive."

So they invented the Bacsac, sturdy bags made from geotextiles that let the soil breathe, and the water drain. And if you can pack all that on the top of an old Fiat 500, you know it's gotta be light.


It is and interesting idea, a portable garden. The American distributor writes: "This light-weight portable bag enables you to go from terrace to rooftop, from one address to another, rotating crops year-round."

The bags come in a number of forms and configurations, ensuring that you are never tied down to your garden again. Who says you can't take it with you?

More at Bacsac, via Notcot

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