Awesome Tour of a Permaculture Allotment (Video)

mike feingold permaculture photo

Image credit: EmbodyBruce

From permaculture design principles, to close mimicry of natural ecosystems, Permaculture is usually taught as a fairly methodical design discipline. But I learned about it somewhat differently. I make no apologies here for my bias in writing about my friend Mike Feingold - teacher, gardener, and co-conspirator who has been introducing the world, and Bristol, England in particular, to permaculture, sustainability and some fantastic varieties of fruit. It's my earnest belief the world could learn a lot from Mike - so I'm delighted to see a video on YouTube that explores his somewhat haphazard, yet incredibly productive, approach to permaculture gardening. It's also a first-hand example of why the allotment gardens that still pepper every UK town and city are such a vital resource. Read on to learn more. For those of a more systematic mindset, Mike's take on permaculture may seem chaotic - but with decades of experience in sustainable farming across the globe - from Africa to India to the Middle East and Europe - he seems to have a six sense for utilizing nutrient and resource flows, and minimizing the need for inputs of human labor or fossil fuels - all of which is at the heart of permaculture. Enough of the introduction - Mike Feingold is the best introduction to Mike Feingold. Check out the video below to watch a wonderful man at work. Thanks for the inspiration Mike!

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