Australia Plants World's Largest Pallet Garden

The Great Crate is an art installation commissioned for the City of Sydney’s Art & About public art festival. A couple hundred plastic shipping crates were used to create this four-sided vertical edible garden in the shape of a cube.

If you've ever created a container garden out of a plastic milk crate and wondered what it would look like if you kept stacking crates, it may look something like this.

The Great Crate garden is 100% recyclable. After the art festival has run its course it will be dismantled and the crates will be put back to use with the plants distributed back into the community. In preparation for the installation, the team behind The Great Crate distributed broad bean seeds throughout the community and asked people to grow the plants for the giant cube.

Containers and bottles that would normally have ended up in the trash were upcycled as seed starters and planters by participants who were eager to be part of the creation of this art piece.

You can see The Great Crate for yourself at the Green Square rail station during the remainder of Art & About.

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Australia Plants World's Largest Pallet Garden
Giant cube of edible plants is awesome!

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