Architects Design 5 Star Hotel for Insects

verte brate photo

Images from bdonline: Vertebrate by Metalanguage Design

This 5 star hotel for insects sounds better than most of the dumps that I've stayed in... Award winning, designed by prestigious architects and a great location in the middle of a park. Where have I gone wrong?

The 5 short-listed projects for the Beyond the Hive Competition 2010 have been announced. Run by British Land and the City of London Corporation, they challenged architects to create proposals for an ecologically sustainable and creative insect habitat. The hotels had to be made of recycled materials. All five will be built and placed in public parks.

inset hotel photo

Inset Hotel by Arup Associates

The hotels had to be designed to attract stag beetles, solitary bees, butterflies, spiders, lacewings and ladybirds. Each of these species has specific requirements for shelter, hibernation or nesting that must be incorporated into the hotel. Not only that, the structures had to be "visually engaging, functionally useful and well crafted", designed for long term use and easily transportable. The materials used had to be recycled and sustainable.

bee varian photo

Beevarian Anstel and Gretel Chalet by German Women in Property

Leave it to those German women to come up with the best. This adorable mountain hotel is designed to resemble a German alpine chalet for our buggy friends Anstel and Gretel. It has a balcony filled with soil for insect friendly plants and floor of reclaimed brick to attract bees.

fisher tomlin photo

Bumblebee City Nesters by Fisher Tomlin

A number of the entrants are based on the wildlife stack model.

wildlife stack photo

Image from the Guardian

Advocated by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, stacks are habitats for bugs made up of layers of recycled building materials such as bricks, pieces of wood, roof tiles and logs all piled up to make a house.

The five shortlisted projects will now be built and the public, as well as the judges, invited to vote for their favourite. Two Golden Beetle awards will be presented--one to the winner of the public vote and one to the judges' favourite.

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