Arborsmith and Arborsculpture

Look closely, that latticework in the pictured ‘ashdome’ is alive and growing! The photo is from the site of Aborsmith, Richard Reames, who found us via the piece we ran on the Chinese gentleman who grew his own chair. Richard has a fascinating web presence, looking at the history of Arborsculpture, growing trees into items of function or art. Take a wander through this forest of ideas and see the amazing creations that he and others have lovingly crafted over many years. Chairs, sofas, swings and even buildings. See a pic in the extended post of the cute little stools ‘grown’ by British arborsculpturer, Chris Cattle.Richard has been a consultant to the Growing Village exhibit at the Aichi World Expo 2005 in Japan, which is running until September. Have a look at his site and be awed by what these guys are up to. ::Aborsmith [by WM]


Chris Cattle's grown stool