Another Urban Beekeeping Store. Is This a New Trend?

Bee Thinking Portland ImageBee Thinking/Screen capture

This is pretty cool. The other day I wrote about what I thought was the nation's only urban beekeeping store, suggesting that they may become a more common site if urban bees continue to thrive better than their rural counterparts.

But it turns out I was wrong. As commenter Judith Moran already noted, Bee Thinking in Portland, Oregon is another store specialising in bees and beekeeping equipment for the urban environment. Offering classes, equipment and swarm removal services, and focusing on alternative beekeeping methods like top-bar and Warré hives, the store also offers a full online inventory. Their hives are even guaranteed to be locally built from sustainable materials:

Bee Thinking specializes in top bar hive and Warre hive beekeeping supplies and resources. Our hives are built from sustainable materials in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. In addition to supplies and beekeeping resources, we also provide swarm and bee removal, hive removal, top bar and Warre hive consulting and classes.

Are there any other urban beekeeping stores out there we should be aware of?

Another Urban Beekeeping Store. Is This a New Trend?
Bees may do better in cities than in the country. Now stores are cropping up to serve the urban beekeeper.

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