Amid the Chaos of the SF Giants Parade, a Gardener Finds Peace (Photo)

The ticker-tape parade and civic celebration in honor of the 2012 World Champion San Francisco Giants attracted thousands of fans. But there was at least one San Francisco resident who didn't care.

Spattersp captured this gardener weeding the circular bed at the Tenderloin People’s Garden during the parade last week, and posted the photograph to Reddit. He tells me he was visiting a friend who lives in a building off of the parade route to take in the festivities when he took the picture.

Here’s a cropped view of the gardener at work.

Other Redditors who were in attendance report that there was a bit of tension as the community gardener tried in vain to keep the baseball fans off of the fence by spraying them with the water hose you see off to the side. In retaliation, the parade watchers tossed trash into the garden along the fence.

It’s a good thing the gardener realized that keeping people off the fence was a Sisyphean task and just went about his day in the garden.

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Amid the Chaos of the SF Giants Parade, a Gardener Finds Peace (Photo)
The San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World Series, but this gardener doesn't seem to care.

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