Allotment Gardens Have Lessons for All

allot ment photo

Photo: B. Alter

This delightful little model allotment garden in the middle of London's busy Kensington Gardens has something to teach all gardeners.

Whether you have an allotment, or a real garden, or even a balcony, the key is density and compact planting.

herbs barrel photo

Photo: B. Alter

The old barrels can be recycled into planters. But having herbs in them is an excellent idea since they are in a protected, smaller area and will grow better. They are also easier to get at it when they are all together.

raised bed photo

Photo: B. Alter

Raised beds are a real favourite of 'grow-your-own' vegetable gardeners as they allow you to grow in otherwise unsuitable soil or locations, offer improved drainage and soil structure on shallow chalky or stony soils and the extra height of soil increases rooting. You can build your own fairly simply, as these photos show, or you can buy them ready made.

straw berry photo

Photo: B. Alter

Strawberry plants are adorable, with their little red flowers and crawlers. But they are invasive: the first 2 years they are nice and by the third they are thick and choking other plants. This netting is a neat and simple way to almost control their spread.

runner beans photo

Photo: B. Alter

Runner beans can get very unruly and messy looking. These simple frames will allow them to grow to their full potential. They look good and the plants will get lots of sun.

happy chicks photo

Photo: B. Alter

Say hello to Clara Cluck, Gerald, Thelma and Louise and Rosemary. Not everyone can raise chickens, although more and more urban farmers are doing it. These look pretty happy.

dried herbs photo

Photo: B. Alter

Dried herbs are such a handy thing to have throughout the winter. Hang them on a sunny wall to dry: they look like art and will taste delicious in the dark and gloomy months ahead.

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