All in all it's Just Another Plant in the Wall.


We often wander through home shows looking for new green things to write about and are usually disappointed. Imagine our shock to show up at the local Home and Garden Show and find ourselves on Green Street- surrounded by booths with Bullfrog Power, Ecotech and others but the best of show was ELT Living Walls, a sort of green roof on its side- a modular, pregrown, scalable system of "sending your garden up the wall" We spoke with VP Keith Ardron, who informed us that it was launched exactly one week ago but that the interest has been huge. A plastic moulded version of the prototype will be available in May- you can do it yourself or buy it pregrown. "Using our patented Bioblanket system to wick water down behind the root zone, we are able to provide water to the back of the wall where the roots need it most. Use with perrenials, annuals, vegetables and herbs". Frank Lloyd Wright once quipped that doctors were lucky, they got to bury their mistakes but architects could only plant vines. Here is a new alternative. ::ELT Living Walls found at the International Home and Garden Show, Toronto International Centre thru Sunday.