Adopt an Olive Tree, Reap the Harvest


Last year I gave an aspiring olive farmer a miniature olive tree as a gift. Since he has yet to purchase his acres of farmland I suspect its life was cut short in his Berlin apartment. Italian grove Nudo has a better way to nurture a passion for olive trees—and support small-scale farmers. For 65 British pounds, you can adopt your own tree (or gift it out to a friend) and receive a year of produce. Nudo has 881 trees and eight groves. With names like Gruffina, Immacolata, Piano Piano, and Il Capo, the groves come with descriptions of the oil, type of tree, location in the grove, and difficulties encountered. In Gruffina, for example, farmers need to keep the pesky poetically-named parasite "Coccinuglia Mezzo Grano di Pepe" (ladybirds in half a grain of pepper) in check. Proud parents will receive an adoption certificate, tree information booklet, and two seasonal packages. In Spring, you'll receive extra virgin olive oil, and in Fall, lemon olive oil and handmade soaps. What if some freak blight descends upon your tree? The harvest is actually a collective effort from your tree and 50 of its neighbors—you get a percentage from the entire crop. Unfortunately, the firm currently ships only within the EU. Thanks tipster Carolyn Goodwin. ::Nudo via ::Whirled Events