Activists Planted 100s of Gardens Nationwide This Weekend

350 garden challenge photo

Image credit: 350 Home & Garden Challenge

Bonnie reported before on San Francisco's 350 garden challenge, in which activists turned yards, planters, window boxes and empty lots across the city into productive food growing spaces. This year the effort went nationwide, with groups getting together to share their knowledge about growing healthy, low carbon food. But it didn't just end with gardening. It seems that folks were also getting their caulk guns out for a good cause.

If the weekend turned out anything like the preview video above, it must have been an incredible event. Organized by Transition USA and, the 350 Home and Garden Challenge grew out of a series of 350 garden challenges that started in Sonoma County, California, and have since spread to other communities such as San Francisco and Ann Arbor. This past weekend saw an effort to take it to a national level.

Sadly, I just spent the weekend weeding my own garden (not sure if that counts). But we'd love to hear from readers about what they got up to. With Rob Hopkins reporting on the 350 Home and Garden Challenge over at Transition Culture, maybe it's time to take this international next year?

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