ABC Home Launches Organic Home Care Products


ABC Home, a retailer that we've been impressed with in the past, announced recently that they've launched a new organic home care line. Their tagline "purity for your home, family, pets and planet" is pretty fitting considering all of the ingredients have come from Mother Nature. Revitalize is the first completely organic furniture polish on the market while Magic is an organic "super-stubborn stain remover" that so many of us find ourselves reaching for time and time again. Cleanse is an organic "everyday everywhere" cleaner and Purify is an organic spray of essential botanical oils. ABC Home maintained the strictest standards throughout the development of this product line. Only food-grade organic ingredients were used in creating and manufacturing these products, and they are completely free of harmful toxins and chemicals like solvents, sulfates, glycols or phthalates. Also, all of the packaging for the Home Care products is made from recycled or recyclable materials. Prices range from $12 - $25. ::ABC Home